Saturday, August 15, 2015

40 Hour Famine & Fighting World Hunger

“I believe peace begins with how we treat the most vulnerable. Exploitation runs chaos all over the world, in every industry. I'm trying to fix my part in the world that mankind has ruined - be the good you want to see. From the 14th to the 16th of August, I will be giving up food for 40 hours in an attempt to raise $150, which I will donate to those struggling in harsher places - please support my cause and donate any spare change you have!"

I'll be perfectly honest. The 40 Hour Famine this year has been exceedingly difficult. I remember my experience in Year 7, however I don't remember it being this excruciatingly painful. Last night at 8pm, I gave up food for a full 40 hour in order to raise money to support those in need in countries such as Ethiopia, Chad, East Timor, Bangladesh and many more. 1 in 8 people in this countries face hunger everyday - infants, children, adults and elderly, and 1 in 9 worldwide do not have enough food for a healthy diet. 

I have raised approximately $150, which may not seem like much, but this could will feed 14 people for a month worldwide. Statistically, the world wastes 1/3 of all food produced, and according to studies, if food was not to be wasted in such privileged countries such as America, Australia, UK etc, countries with abundances of food to spare, worldwide hunger could be cured once and for all. In fact, France has recently introduced a law making it illegal for grocery stores to purposely waste discarded food. Once actioned, the law will "force them to donate unwanted food to charities or farmers and prohibit them from destroying or poisoning any food with bleach, preventing the products from being salvaged and put to better use.

France is looking to make this law worldwide, and leading by example.

I am currently 25 hours into my pledge, and I can honestly say, I am incredibly hungry. No matter how much water and tea I drink, how how many pieces of Bali sugar I eat (allowed by the guidelines), my stomach is a bottomless pit, longing for food. I can only imagine how this must feel for people world-wide enduring this feeling every single day.

As mentioned before, my pledge begun at 8pm on the 14/8/15, and will finish at 12pm on the 16/8/15. After 8pm last night, I played a full length hockey match. I will admit I missed by post-game snacks. This morning, I woke up at 7:30am and proceeded to umpire two U/12 hockey matches, at which I felt extremely nauseous due to swallowing my vitamin/iron pills on an empty stomach, then managed to catch public transport back home. According to my FitBit, I've taken 11,786+ steps, without any fuel to power me through the day. This would explain why I slept for 5 hours afterwards, feeling extremely lethargic and faint. At this point me and my mother decided it was time to venture to the nearby Coles to buy some form of sugar so that I wouldn't die (or at least feel like it). 

So far, I've confused 310 calories worth of sugar. I'm still hungry. 

Tomorrow I'm visiting Melbourne University Open Day in the morning (I'll also be buying the paint to paint my bedroom wall, very excited!), after which my family and I will be going out to lunch to celebrate the ending of my 'famine'. 

Hopefully I'll manage until 12pm. 

Please donate to my cause and/or join the famine yourself the help end world word hunger!